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Visual examples on how sorting algorithms are working. Really useful (for me at least).

Looking for a job ? Good place to start with.

I got caught by the title and actually this describes how I (should) work.

This article is in Design category because I don't have created yet the Asshole Design category (yet).

Who didn't know that yet ? I did. But never realised how far it could go.

It's a pity but I have to admit I never really bought the idea of working differently with my Gmail emails.

New unreleased (till then) pictures of 9/11.

Things are going BIG in the industry.

Tell Spotify which song you like / dislike and a new playlist named "You have great taste" will be created on your profile.

Coming back on important decisions is now a sport in Trump's administration.

A bit techy but I'll surely find this useful later.

Honestly I think it's time for 3rd party solutions such as vimeo or dailymotion to make best offers - ads on Youtube are hell and become more and more present.

Wow. A really long read, with NSFW images, about face transplantation. So impressive !